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Products from Vineyard Herzinger in Lower-Austria Traisental

Our Vineyards

In a time, when sustainment of our environment for our children is getting more and more important, protection of the nature is the most important aspect for our family company. The reason for this is not only because we live from the fruits of our soil, but because we have the opinion that the nature produces the best flavor.

This is the reason why we only handle with own and near-nature crop. Near-nature means: Treatment of our vineyard in a environmental protecting way, a clear vinification of our grapes and a cooled fermentation of our wines.

The Imitation of our earning goes without saying. Therefore we remove half of the grapes early in months with high earnings (mostly July). This is because we want to give them the opportunity to ripe completely. During the grape harvest, which starts late and goes through several stages, we set value on strict separation of different qualities. The whole harvesting process is done by hand to guarantee a optimal harvesting result.

Our most important marshes

"Nussgarten" - one of our biggest marshes
This is a south-easterly hillside with a profound loess soil. Here we mostly crop "Grüner Veltliner'' but also "Neuburger'' and "Sauvignon Blanc" on a small area.

Hochschopf- the steep slope
Hochschopf is also situated south-easterly and divided in 3 terraces. On the two higher ones we cultivate "Grüner Veltliner" because of a stony ground and less loess. These are the factors why this "Grüner Veltliner'' gets a special minerally type which needs much moretime to ripe. On the lowest terrace "Zweigelt" is cultivated.

Gaisruck is also a terrace field where profound loess soil has build up over a conglomerate stone because of its opened position to the east. Here we cultivate "Cabernet Sauvignon" and "Blauer Portugieser" in the higher positions, in the lower ones "Riesling" and "Rivaner'' is growing.

Our Cellar

After the vintage by hand the grapes get destemed and carefully pressed. Over the night the wine Iees get down and afterwards the cooled fermentation starts.

One of the most important things du ring these activities is the protection of the quality of the grapes given by the nature and the sustainment of its fruitiness.

Before the gutsy wines get filled in March or April of the next year they get stored in wood barre I and after the fermentation process in a steel cylinder. Some sorts of red wine are stored in "Barriques" produced out of French Oak.

We want to sustain our old traditions and at the same time try to introduce new ecological methods.

Certainly we don't want to praise ourselves, but we are happy that specialists do such things for us. 1999 the guide "Gault Millau" published: "Vineyard Herzinger which is famous for its qualitative high "Grüner Veltliner" and wine of the white sorts of "Burgunder'' is raising his quality permanently. ln good years also the light wines, which are produced out of ripe and healthy grapes, are positioned in the highest sector."

2002 we got the grade "exceptional" for our "Grüner Veltliner" out of our reed Hochschopf from the Beverage Tasting Institute Chicago. Furthermore we got a Grand Prix at the "Hamburger Weinsalon" for our "Hochschopf privat".

Fresh Fruit surly y healthy

Our fruits, e.g. apricots, pears and apples are produced obligatory after the regulations of controlled and nature-orientated cultivation. We still have the opinion that the best taste comes out of our nature.

The seasonal main sorts of the international variety of fruits are not the only ones which we cultivate. From time to time we try to sustain aged sorts and integrate them into our fruit-growing system. Because of this we now also grow cornel cherry, rowan berry, elder, "Nagowitz"-pear and "Bohnapfel".

Jams - fresh and tasty

The fruits for our jams and pickled fru its are mainly produced in our own fruit orchards. A very important aspect for us is that the fru its are completely seasoned and harvested by hand. ln this section we also don't want to offer the usual products. So we experiment with old fashioned fru its: Classics are quince jam, "Nagowitz"-pears in brandy and medlar jam.

ln the year 2008 du ring the "AB HoF -mess (which is a mess for companies which sell ex work) our company got a golden award for the two best apricot jams. This award makes us proud of our work.

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